McGrath’s Box

So myself and friend Paul McGrath have decided to put together a package in order to raise further funds for Endurocoop Charities.

Paul will be in a match box for the Aston Villa v Spurs fixture. There will be the opportunity to join Paul, enjoy a four course meal and complimetary bar as you witness the final home game of the season at Villa Park.

EnduroCoop are sponsoring part of the match, so two of the seats in the box will include a stadium tour, and meet the man of the match at the end of the game as you collect the match shirt for #whogivesashirt.

These two seats will be auctioned off, whilst the other seats will be raffled off here ;

All money raised will go into and Katharine House Hospice, who looked after Keith right up until he passed away on Feb 16th.

Good luck with the raffle, and I really hope to see you at Villa Park on this day.



One thought on “McGrath’s Box

  1. i think wot your doing is incredable my 16 year old daughter was diag 4 years ago with bone cancer same as birchy she had all the cemo and then lost here leg and part of her hip she is now terminlly ill we dont now how long we have left with our beautfull daughter good luck we will defo make a donation

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