Set Back…

So two weeks ago a friend at the gym showed me a few kettle bell movements. Quick session done, and the day after I was fine.

Fast forward a week and the mileage is right down, I decided to revist the kettle bell workout that Dave went through with me – only I upped the weight by a measly 4kg up to 20kg. Workout done, no problems.

Next day, disaster. I have the worst DOMS I have ever had in my life, throughout my hamstrings and right up my spine. This has lasted all weekend, and still sore 4 days later. Not only that, I have been in bed ill with a fever. No running at all, and Paris is now only around the corner.

With having asthma, if I do not keep active my lungs really struggle on the first session back and I sound like a 70 year old 40 fags a day old man after 15 minutes.

The plan, to sleep as much as possible between now and Wednesday, blow the cob webs out once or twice and then fly to France on Saturday. Right now I couldnt do it, but I just hope I shake this illness off over the next day or two and then hopefully plod round Paris.

Dont care about the time of the first one, just get it done, under the belt and move onto number 2 in Madrid.



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