Viennese Diagnoses – IT Band Syndrome

Start of a long journey back to marathon running… 

Health & fitness is huge here in Austria. Expert advice is at my finger tips at Holmes Place, although frustrating as I have wasted hundreds on poor advice back in the UK. 
Going back a few months in between Madrid & Prague Marathons, I paid top money to see a so called specialist. The same kind of techniques were used – massage as much as physically possible to try and iron out my tension in It bands. To be fair to them, they did notice I had flat feet and recommended a certain brand of trainer. But this was it. 
Today, in 15 minutes I found out WHY I have problems. Flat feet. Miss alignment in my pelvis, and a huge difference in the amount of pressure I insert down my right side compared with my left. I have muscular imbalance which needs correcting before I begin to pound the pavements again. 
Yes I have flat feet. Simple solution according to today’s quick physio session was that I will soon be wearing insoles to get the muscles in my feet working again and raise the arches. A much more technical description will have been used for today’s diagnoses, but this is what I understood. 
No running for one month apparently. Drop some weight to take the pressure of my knees, strengthen the core, hips and insides of quads and majorly work on flexibility. 
My complete body re vamp starts tomorrow, so I write this enjoying my last supper before I begin the hard work ready for my next capital city marathon. 
Thanks to Janssen of Holmes Place Vienna International & his wife Christina for today’s very informative physio session. 

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