2012 done, welcome 2013…

2012 to review in a paragraph would look like this ;

Family trauma early in the year. Goal set of completing all EU Capital marathons – completed 3 with severe injury. Successful crossing via rowing boat of the English Chanel. An inspired relocation move to Vienna.

2012 taught me a lot. Times when I literally could not run any further, I dug deep and walked in a 7 hour marathon just for the medal. It taught me more about team work when rowing, in how when everyone pulls together in the same direction you get to your destination much quicker. I fell further in love with the culture of Europe, and this has inspired me more to achieve the goals I set out last year, plus more.

Learning has never been a strong point for me, as my concentration levels are non existent. So in 2013 I am going to train myself into learning the languages of Europe whilst running it.

Whilst in Vienna, I will be putting in more hours of my day to be productive in this area whilst training for marathons goal of 5 for 2013. I will be reporting on how I get on, training tips I learn in my gym and progress with the language goals.

Conquering Europe by running its marathons and speaking its languages is my ultimate aim, and with a body that is not at all designed for marathons and with attention span of a fish, the challenge should be an interesting one !



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