Wheat Free Daily Plan

Few guys asking for advice on how to get enough carbs out of a wheat free diet. Here’s a daily example below. Stick to it, measure yourself and watch the bloat reduce !

Breakfast ;

Smoothie – 1/2 bag of frozen summer fruits. 1 banana. Handful of jumbo oats. Scoop of whey protein. Yoghurt, contents of standard pot.

Snacks in between meals ( important ) ; Nuts. Seeds. Meats on Rice Cakes. Keep the protein levels high.

Lunch ; Quinoa & Chicken – flavour as you wish.

Dinner : Meat & Veg / Salad.

Personally when trying to lose weight, i ease of the amount of carbs eaten later in the day, or maybe even have no carbs after the lunch time intake.

Eat like a King in the morning, graze throughout the day.

Keeping off the gluten and wheat will regulate your sugar levels, forcing your body to use fat rather than sugar for its energy source. Once regulated, your energy levels should stay the same all day, preventing desperate cravings for crappy foods. Cut out the processed sugar to help with this 🙂

Enjoy, and let me know how you get on !



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