Paris last week was a struggle. My left IT Band was sore after 18 miles, and the last few miles were painfull – but I coped and managed a time of 4hours 17minutes. With that in mind, my 1 week break between Paris & Madrid was very much based on rehabilitation of my left IT Band.

So, 10 miles into a hilly Madrid and my left knee feels great. I am with the 3 hour 45 minute pacers and feeling euphoric as I run past huge crowds of enthusiastic locals.

15 miles – PING ! The opposite knee to last week kicks in, but twice as bad. Now as an IT band syndrome sufferer, I know that normally this is the time to stop running for a few weeks. But I have 11 miles to go. I cannot run whatso ever.

I phoned my fiancee Kate who was waiting at the finish line for a 4 hour finish, and told her I couldnt continue. She reminded me of all the people who have donated this past week, and how nobody wants me to break any records – ‘ Just walk it, get the medal and go home ‘ she said.

Kate inspired me and I split my miles between hobbles and walks. I must have been stopped 10 times by medical staff offering assistance as I was wearing a very suspect facial expression as I struggled through each step with my right leg.

After keeping with the 3 hour 45 minute pacers, I was eventually overtaken by the 5 hour 30 minute guys. The limit for medals was 6 hours, so I pushed as hard as I could and managed to finish before the cut off. Medal collected.

Going forward now to the time I write this blog, Thursday and I have had to take the lift every day at work. Walking down stairs is impossible – I have iced my leg 6 or 7 times each day and consumed anti inflamitories like Haribo’s .

Now I am fully aware just how hard this challenge is going to be…


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